What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is a lightweight elastic tape designed for sports and fitness to be used on tendons and muscles of your body. It can help by providing pain relief and joint support. You can use it for either of those purposes. More than that,  it promotes circulation and healing. This allows you to use it in a different technique to decrease swelling to a joint and it can be used to activate or deactivate a muscle. It is also called K-tape, KT-tape or Elastic therapeutic tape.

Kinesiology tape can be available in different types:

  • Uncut rolls
  • Precut strips
  • Precut strips for certain body parts

How does it work?

It contains no medications or topical fixings. It is so light and flexible, and is barely noticeable when worn. It is non-prohibitive and permits normal movement. It works by slightly lifting the skin away from sore or injured tissues, improving blood circulation and faster the healing process. A roll of tape costs under £20 and anyone can figure out how to apply it. The majority of the magnificent advantages of kinesiology taping are identified with three things:

  1. How the tape interacts with the skin and the hidden belt/fascia.
  2. How the tape interacts with the nerves under the skin.
  3. How the tape interacts with the circulatory system under the skin.

It is designed to promote the body’s natural healing process that is why it is used for different injuries like an ankle sprain, back pain, shoulder instability. You can easily learn how to apply it properly and you can also learn the technique to apply it from your athletic trainer or doctor.


Benefits of Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape has many benefits is so broad thus shifted, it has earned the nickname “magic tape.” It is no wonder that it has named as the most widely used therapeutic medication for sports, athletic and healthcare. The physical benefits of kinesiology tape include:

Relief from Pain

Despite the fact that it contains no medications or topical substances, kinesiology tape can remove the pain and give lasting relief. Its flexibility lifts the skin slightly, which quickly decreases weight on sensitive pain receptors under the skin. Chronic pain can be improved by means of the tangible simulation of different kinds of nerve fibres. In this situation, kinesiology tape can be effectively used for the healing process and muscles recovery.

Swelling Reduction

Kinesiology taping provides a negative pressure by slightly lifting the skin under the tape, which allows the lymphatic drainage channels to drain swelling and other inflammatory cells away from the injured part of the body.

Quick Recovery

One of the most sensational impacts of kinesiology taping is the evacuation of blood that accumulates under the skin because of wounding. The k-tape is applied in a fan design over the wounded region and the wounding is dissipated by the same mechanism of lifting as described above.

Cramping Prevention

Upgraded flow improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to overused and removes the lactic acid in the body with the help of kinesiology taping to reduce cramps and fatigue. Use Kinesiology tape to relax the injured muscles and increase circulation of blood and provide significant pain relief as well.

What’s it made of?

Kinesiology taping is made up of cotton fibers with a special elastic core. K-tape is a slim, stretchy fiber made of cotton or a cotton/nylon mix. The fiber is supported with adhesive made from hypoallergenic, therapeutic evaluation acrylic that is flexible and provides great comfort to use for a longer time.